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Here's a listing of everything I've got so far! Tons of things still in the works, so expect more to come!


Gibbs/Dinozzo: These are in the order I wrote them, so expect the first few to be a bit rocky, k?

Not Just Tightie Whities (FRT): Tony discovers something truly horrifying about Gibbs
Football Season (FRT): As the seasons change, Gibbs reflects on the changes in his life.
All The Little Things (FRT): It was all the little things they did for each other that showed how much they cared.
Miscommunication 2.0 (FRT): Broken Arrow (8.07) tag. Almost the same as Miscommunication, but beta'd. I kept the original as a reminder of how I used to write.
Perception (FRM): Written for Challenge 8 over on G/D. Gibbs and Tony and a backrub!
Revved Up (FRAO): Car pr0n - nuff said.
His Favorite Time of Year (FRT): Gibbs and Tony both hate Halloween, right? What happens when Tony decides to change that? Written for the Tibbs Halloween Ficathon.
All He Wanted (FRT): Tony gets sick. Gibbs freaks. Written for Day 5 of the Tibbs Advent Calender 2011.
Punch Drunk Lust (FRAO): After one of Abby's holiday parties, Gibbs crashes on Tony's couch - or does he? Written for Day 18 of the Tibbs Advent Calender 2011.
Five Times Gibbs Said No (FRM/FRAO): Five times that Gibbs said no (when he really didn't mean it, and one time he did). Written for wintermute_lj for NFA SeSa 2011!
Thermal Dreams (FRK): Sometimes, Gibbs really wishes he wasn't still in the Reserves, or that he wasn't quite so good at his job. Just a short angsty piece I wrote for gibbsgirlabby when we played fic tag one day.
Flannel Nights (FRK): It’s these phone calls he hates most, the ones where the warm body laying next to him presses a kiss to his head and leaves him behind. Companion piece to Thermal Dreams.
Heart to Heart (FRK): If the little candy hearts that keep popping up on his desk are any indication, Tony has a secret admirer. Written for valentine_tibbs 2012.
In Vino, Veritas (FRT): By trying to keep himself from getting hurt, Tony was only hurting himself.


Home For The Holidays

Something To Be Thankful For (FRK): Sins of the Father (9.11) Tag. Maybe Senior isn't as clueless as he acts.



A Real Man (FRT): Sometimes, love isn't enough to keep the veil over your eyes. Contains abuse.


Dec 2011 Tell me a story I haven’t written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.
January 2012: I had so much fun with the first meme, I decided to repeat it here!

Coming Soon!

Home For The Holidays: a collection of stories involving Tony and Gibbs revealing their relationship to both family and friends over the holidays. Thanksgiving posted, Christmas and New Years are coming soon!
Revved Up: The Sequel!
Busted: Also known as the long awaited Tony writes fanfiction fic!

Comin' back, RDJ style

Hey, remember how you guys propped me up when I wasn't sure if I would make it or not 3 years ago? And how I said that, since I couldn't say thank you enough, I was gonna work my ass of and make you all proud?

And how I kept going on and on and on about wanting to go to OU?

Well, I finally sent my app in on April 1st, and I got a reply this week.
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Also, comic cons? They're fucking GREAT. Especially if you cosplay. Also, if you can't figure it out, I'm kinda into Star Trek lately.

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oh, and speaking of pictures, i got my new camera. it's pink.
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but yeah, life is pretty damn good, save for having carpal tunnel that's now so severe that I can't spend more than 15 min on the computer or write for the same amount of time before my wrist starts hurting. just waiting for medicaid to go through so I can get surgery, and off i go again!

I am having thinky thoughts tonight, and they are about genitals.

More importantly, what happens when your genitals get sick.

You see, today, I did something that I've been needing to do for well over a year now.

[cut for slight personal info]I finally went to the doctor to things checked out *ahem* down there, since I've known that I've had some sort of infection for about that long. Money issues and all prevented me from going and getting it treated. Unfortunately, due to the weekend and the price of tests, I couldn't get a full std screening done, but the nurse practitioner did an exam and decided to go ahead and treat me for a long term case of gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Which, I knew I had something, already accepted it - in fact, I've purposely been celibate because of it.

Anyways, though, I do what I normally do anytime the doc says that they think I have something and then they leave the room - bust the phone out and google that ish. I already knew that it was really common for you to have both (vs just one at a time, there's a 46% concurrent infection rate of chlamydia when you have gonorrhea).

I didn't realize that chlamydia was referred to as being 'silent', that one in 15 women have it. Not have had it, but currently have. 1 in 4 guys have it and have no clue.

Alright, hold that thought. I'll come back to it in a bit.

Last weekend, mskatej had an excellent post on condom usage in fanfic - you can find it here, and I'd highly recommend you check it out. One of the things that was touched on was condom usage during a blowjob; to this day, I can't seem to remember any fic outside Needs Must where a condom was used during a blowjob. In contrast, people warn for barebacking and add disclaimers about safe sex during fics that contain those things. Yet, you're still running those risks with a blowjob. To make things even more fun, it's common for people to  not have symptoms while they're infected.

Let's be real, how often do you read (or write) lines that are along the following in fic?

  • I trust you

  • I know I'm clean

  • I've always used a condom so I know I'm clean

  • I'll get tested sometime this week after you fuck my brains out 1354875 more times

....and yet, unless you've been tested prior and had zero sexual contact with anyone, are you actually in fact, clean?

I mean, I've used condoms for blowjobs before, but never in a personal context, only business. In my case, I've got a pretty strong gut feeling about when it was, and if that's the case, well... that was from receiving unprotected oral.

It's a bacterial infection. It can be cured. A fuckton of people have it, have had it, will have it. Bacterial infections of all sorts attack our immune systems every day, and sometimes we get sick, sometimes that illness is focused in an area of our body like our lungs, or our sinuses, or our mouths, or even *gasp* our crotches.

You never read about it, though. We whump, we shoot, we torture, we emotionally destroy our characters and put them back together, but if we give them STD's, it's always a bad thing, like Mike being enslaved and having a cruel owner, or it creates friction and one half of your otp ends up demanding to know why the other half cheated.

Where's the nurturing, the h/c? Couples work through shit like this all the time, and yeah, it's fucking embarassing as hell to tell a sexual partner that they were exposed to something you didn't know you had, but guess what - you can get through it. People aren't always going to hold it against you, because it's a lot more common than you'd think. I mean, hell - I read somewhere that one in 6 people have HSV2 (genital herpes) now? Yes, STD's cause problems. Yes, some of them don't go away ever, and can kill you. Guess what, they're not the only things that are that way. We're big on promoting safe sex, but it's idealistic - you don't always have a condom, you don't always want to say no when you don't have a condom or even when you do have one, you don't always wanna use it. They're a pain in the ass, but a necessary one in this day and age.

Are we naive, idealistic, or is it that STD's aren't 'insert adjective here' enough unless it's something dramatic and life threatening? I understand that there's a huge amount of escapism in fanfic, but there's often a huge amount of realism as well. I've seen so many ugly topics handled with such grace in fic, and yet stuff like this? It's incredibly rare.


On slash fandom, particularly for Suits (crossposted from Tumblr)

Sometimes I think that the reason why other online bloggers get more visibility than me is because I’m a slash fan.

You know what, though? I’m fucking sick and tired of it. So I’m gonna change that.

Quite frankly, slash is growing in popularity. So is fandom. And if someone has to stand up and say “Hey, I’m here, and guess what, you’ve been missing out on a helluva pairing,” well then… I don’t mind getting that movement started.

After all, someone has to do it. That’s clearly something that I seem to be good at, so fuck it.

There is NO reason why slash fans should be viewed any differently than het shippers or non shippers. We have the same passion, at times more. We work hard. I literally dedicate at LEAST an hour and a half a day looking for new spoilers, vids, pics, answering questions about Suits

We’re not ‘sick’ for having a pairing that has two guys in it. We see the chemistry, same as other shippers. I literally want to vomit in my mouth any time a het shipper tells me that there’s no way my pairing would ever happen - I know. I don’t want to see it on the show, ok? I’d be miserable because guess what, the show wouldn’t last much longer, there’s too many homophobic bigots in the world. But you know what? I don’t want to hear about how your pairing is so much better than mine because it’s more likely to happen. And if that keeps happening, I’m going to start giving you canon details about how one half of my OTP is CLEARLY dealing with unrequited love towards the other half.

Some men fall in love with other men. Human sexuality is based on a fluid continuum, and guess what - men fall in love with men sometimes, and women fall in love with other women.

Ok, so Sterek has brought a lot of visibility to slash pairings. They’re not the only pairing out there, though.

So, fuck it. If we need a goddamn slash diplomat for Suits, I’ll do it. I practically already am, but I’m no longer going to be as discreet about the pairing I like. I’m not going to cram it down everyone’s throat, but guess what?

I ship Harvey x Mike. I’m proud to have them as my OTP. I see where all other shippers are coming with their pairings in Suits, I’m not knocking them, ok?

That being said, slash has been around for decades. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not crazy. We just like something different than you do. We are not lesser fans than you

Don’t like it? You don’t have to, but that’s the way it is. Hell, give it a shot, you might like it.

eta: this wasn't inspired by any one event in particular. just a buildup overall.



dear LJ: thank you for crashing as I post to Crack Van. Thank you more for fucking all my html up and not coming back up in time to fix it before work.


Sidebar: here, look: a literal shiny.


It's been a year.

It's been a year since I was ripped directly from my old life, and deposited into this new one.

A year ago since I told my Dad that I didn't want to be bonded out, that I was too self destructive and suicidal to be free. 

I was facing a year in jail, and I knew it. So I just curled into a ball in physical pain, wishing that it was all a dream and I'd wake up soon.

I never did, and that brings us to today.

It hasn't been easy, and I haven't always been successful. 

But overall?

I'm an entirely new person. 

I mean... My biggest concerns right now are getting my homework all done this weekend, and somehow managing to pull up my Philosophy grade (that C really looks out of place with all the A's). 

My brain functions differently. I feel different. I look different.

I am different.

And the only way that I had the strength to even survive was because of some of you. Think about that for a minute.

I literally owe my life to some of you.

I might not still talk to you all, but my gratitude for that will never go away.

During the times I've screwed up, I did my best to get back on track so I wouldn't let you all down.

Because sometimes, you might be battered and bruised and start falling to pieces, but as long as your spirit isn't broken, you still have a chance. Especially if you have people that can help you pick up the pieces and get started on heading the right way.

So thank you, and I love you all.

(Oh, and also.... Dad might have found a job.)


My little sister asked if I was coming over for Christmas.... I said yeah, I was definitely planning on coming.

Well, because Mom made a comment that I couldn't stay overnight until she saw that I was doing better, that she had to see evidence that I'd changed before she let me spend any significant time over there.

Well.... I did a post on facebook, lamenting how people are arguing about the results of the election. She had the first comment and told me she was proud of me.

Later on in the thread, after some other things went down... Kenzie must have told her that I'm planning on coming for Christmas, because she asked how long I was going to be staying.

Needless to say, I bawled.

I had already had a good day, too. I'd gotten a 4.0 on that story I posted (which means that I have a high 3.5 in english, with an additional full .5 in extra credit coming). I also found out that I got a 97% on my German test - the one that I was the last one to finish, and figured I'd bombed (aka got a B on). 

Somehow, I've got 101% auf Deutsch. I guess I'd had a 97% last week, but we had extra credit opportunities that I utilized, and then TADA.

So. I got a 2.0 in Philosophy (D:), 3.5 in English (redoing a paper and the extra credit ensures a 4.0 at the end), 4.0 in English, and I'm not sure about Algebra (we just had an exam tuesday, so I'm hoping I did good... I know I have a good grasp on the material, so I'm thinking it'll be pretty decent).

Yesterday was a great day. Grades, impromptu lunch with a friend, higher grades, no homework, some healthy debating on FB, AND Mom totally just blew me away with that.

Actually, come to think about it, the past couple days have rocked. Good stuff, man.

checking in!

hi guys!

doing ok here, the storm hit us pretty hard last night. Our power went off a couple of times, thank god it went back on though!

we've got minor property damage. couple bits of corner siding was blown off, a bunch of the spare parts in our back yard were blown over... might have lost a spare windshield or two. some denting on the siding from the shutters - they were loose already, and they were banging against the house pretty badly last night. 

the weather sucks now, though. It's in the 30's, sleet all over, and the wind is averaging 20-30 mph w higher gusts

can't believe this (former) hurricane reaches up to Michigan, though.

Also, Happy Birthday to my dearest slashscribe, even though IDK if she'll see this :)